Psalm 110
The sum of Your word is Truth, and every one of Your righteous ordinances is everlasting.

The word on the street today is that God's Word is really not all that important. People are beginning to believe that the Bible is a book written for those who lived thousands of years ago, and it is irrelevant for us today.

I have actually had people leave our church because, in their estimation, "we took the Bible far too seriously." That is the widespread view of the Bible today. Scripture is not honored as God's blueprint for living, but rather it is seen as a nice collection of moral tales and Jewish fables. This, indeed, is the tragedy of our age.

Some years ago my wife and I had dinner with a couple who had recently moved into our city. Both of them were medical doctors, living what the world would deem a satisfying life, until they both admitted that they were missing something. We listened as the couple told of growing up with religion — one Catholic, the other Protestant — until eventually abandoning their churches for many years. But upon moving to Cary, they decided to find a church for their children's sake, feeling that a little religion might do their family good.

One Sunday morning the father decided to stay home and watch the kids so that his wife could visit a nearby church. It just happened to be ours! She told of slipping into the back row in her "first-ever evangelical service", as she listened to a message out from the book of Esther. With excited eyes she reminisced, telling us of sitting in her seat dumbfounded, realizing for the first time that everything she had heard as a child about the Bible being merely a collection of stories was not true at all. Instead, the Bible was alive and real and had meaning for life. And, more than that, it was meant to be obeyed!

She went home afterward, walked into her front door and said, "Honey, we've been wrong — the Bible is for today."

They came to Colonial the next Sunday and the next. It was then, after two weeks of attending Colonial, that they called the office and asked me to come to their home. Upon hearing the Gospel, they both accepted Christ and I ended up discipling the husband for nearly a year. I'll never forget what he told me one day during our discipleship meeting. "When we went to church in the past", he said, "we believed a lie about the Bible. But we were wrong. Now we know the truth: the Bible is for us to follow today!"


If you ask the average religious person about the Bible, he will say it is a good book to own; it is a nice thing to quote at weddings, funerals, and family reunions; but it is only a collection of stories at best, not something to build your life upon. But can we really blame them for thinking this way when we as Christians don't take the Bible seriously? As long as we remain indifferent to the Bible, the world will do the same. God's Word won't change their lives until they see how it has changed ours.

So friend...don't believe the lie that this couple believed for so many years. Read God's Word; love it; listen to it and live by it. Your relationship with God will never be intimate if your relationship with His Word is casual. God took the time to write Scripture, so let's take the time to read it!