Confidence in the Promise

20When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days, and no small tempest lay on us, all hope of our being saved was at last abandoned. 21Since they had been without food for a long time, Paul stood up among them and said, “Men, you should have listened to me and not have set sail from Crete and incurred this injury and loss. 22Yet now I urge you to take heart, for there will be no loss of life among you, but only of the ship. 23For this very night there stood before me an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I worship, 24and he said, ‘Do not be afraid, Paul; you must stand before Caesar. And behold, God has granted you all those who sail with you.’ 25So take heart, men, for I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told.—Acts 27:20-25

When the storm was raging against the ship that was taking Paul to Rome, Paul believed that all in the ship with him would escape because God had promised it. He accepted the promise as ample security for the fact and acted accordingly. He was calm amid the storm; he gave his comrades sage and sensible advice as to breaking their fast; and, in general, he managed matters as a man would do who was sure of a happy escape from the tempest. Thus, he treated God as He should be treated, namely, with unquestioning confidence.

An upright man likes to be trusted; it would grieve him if he saw that he was regarded with suspicion. Our faithful God is jealous of His honor and cannot endure that men should treat Him as if He could be false. Unbelief provokes the Lord above any other sin; it cuts Him to the quick. Far be it from us to perpetrate so infamous a wrong toward our heavenly Father. Let us believe Him up to the hill, placing no bounds to our hearty reliance upon His Word.

Paul openly avowed his confidence in the promise. It is well that we should do the same. Bold, outspoken testimonies to the truth of God are greatly needed at this time, and they may prove to be of sevenfold value. The air is full of doubt; indeed, few really and substantially believe.

“When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” Therefore let us speak out. Infidelity has defied us; let no man’s heart fail him, but let us meet the giant with the sling and stone of actual experience and unflinching witness. God does keep His promise, and we know it. We dare endorse every one of His promises. We would do it with our blood if it was needful! The Word of the Lord endures forever, and of this we are undaunted witnesses, even all of us who are called by His name.
—Charles H. Spurgeon


  • How am I treating God right now? Do I believe ALL His promises are true?
  • What does this say about the depth of my faith? What will I do about this?

Prayer – Father in heaven, Your Word is true. There is no promise that can be broken. I know this in my head, but actions and words show that often I don’t truly believe You. Forgive me for that unbelief, Lord! Help me to overcome it in Your strength and Spirit. I want to live a life of unshakeable confidence in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Always True: 5 Great and Precious Promises of God
Always True: 5 Great and Precious Promises of God 

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Just how would believing God’s promises change your life?  

Ask the greatest Christian you’ll ever meet if they hold on to God’s promises and they’ll all say yes. Believing that God will do what He promises leads to a great life. The greatest Christian you’ll every meet knows, treasures, and is resting in the promises of God. They cling to these assurances that God gives His people so they can walk by faith while they wait for Him to work.

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