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Mideast Burning

Jan Markell’s guest is White House correspondent Bill Koenig who is in Jerusalem. The Mideast is on fire due to jihad and Muslims who hate Christians and Jews. Koenig and Jan discuss ISIS, Israel, Iraq, the shaky Obama administration, and the announcement of the new red heifer that could be used in the third Temple yet to be built in Jerusalem. Where could the current Mideast crisis be heading? To Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38-39 wars? And just what is an Islamic Caliphate and what does it mean to the West? Start with skyrocketing gas prices up ahead. Then program Executive Producer Larry Kutzler interviews “Baruch” in Jerusalem who also talks current issues for the closing segment. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.
July 12, 2014

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