Understanding the Times with Jan Markell

Hebrew Roots Movement: From Law to Grace to Law

Jan's first guest is Ray Comfort. They discuss his new film, "Noah and the Last Days." This is a counter to the new Hollywood "Noah" film. Then Jan's two guests, both Messianic Jews, discuss the Hebrew Roots Movement. Is this sound? Shouldn't the church look at their Jewish roots? But does the movement have some cultish aspects to it? The answer to both questions is "yes." So how do we deal with those who propose we worship on Saturday, keep the Feasts, and return to some Old Testament ways? This seems to be forsaking the cross and grace for the Law and Paul warns against this. We try to provide a lot of answers to a lot of related questions. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.
March 29, 2014

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