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About The Gospel Truth

In 1976, the Lord impressed Andrew and Jamie to go to Childress, Texas, and minister. Even though they didn’t know a single person, they went, rented a building, and held a three-day meeting. Six people attended the first meeting, and over the next three days, the crowd grew to about thirty-five. Miracles took place and people were excited about the Word of God, but Andrew received another offer to minister in Oklahoma and decided to leave Childress.

The night before leaving, the Lord woke Andrew and told him he hadn’t done what He told him to do. He was to stay there and minister to the people of Childress for more than just a three-day meeting. Andrew was at a loss. He didn’t know what to do or how to do it. In fact, he argued with the Lord, saying he would rent a building, but if the Lord wanted people to come, He would have to send them.

Then the Lord spoke a word to Andrew that changed his ministry. He said, “Andrew, if the people were spiritual enough to hear Me say ‘Go hear Andrew Wommack,’ then I wouldn’t need you to minister to them. Until they grow to hear My voice clearly, I need you to cross their paths in some natural way to get their attention.” That was a revelation to Andrew.

As he prayed about what to do, the Lord led him to the local country-and-western radio station located in an old house with chickens roosting on the front porch. Andrew hit it off with the manager, a Baptist pastor, and broadcast the first Gospel Truth radio program in 1976. The program continued for the next two years until the Wommacks moved to Pritchett, Colorado, where they would pastor a small church.

No local radio stations were available in Pritchett, but Andrew knew he was to continue the radio ministry. He was praying for direction on where to broadcast and how to pay for airtime when a friend called with the answer. The Lord had spoken to him to pay for Andrew’s first month of airtime on a Colorado Springs station. That station paid for itself in one week’s time, and Andrew has had a daily radio program ever since. He is heard daily across the country on over fifty radio stations, many of which send the program around the world on their websites.

About Andrew Wommack

For over four and a half decades, Andrew has taught God’s Word with clarity and simplicity, emphasizing the unconditional love and grace of God. His daily Gospel Truth television and radio programs are broadcast domestically and internationally to half the world’s population.


Andrew has produced an extensive library of teaching materials in print, audio, and video. Most of his teaching can be downloaded free from his website at  His ministry has distributed millions of teaching, for free, and continues to distribute free CDs to those who cannot afford them.

Contact The Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack

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P.O. Box 3333 
Colorado Springs, CO 80934-3333

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850 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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