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Carrying Burdens

January 13, 2021
New Beginnings with Miriam Neff

Our Witness

January 14, 2021

Our culture has deemed it politically incorrect for us to be outspoken about our faith in God, the truth of Jesus as His Son and our Savior. Our first amendment freedom of speech can only be restricted if we allow it. That may become reality in the not-so-distant future. I hope not. But that freedom is tenuous.

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About New Beginnings

Widow Connection was founded to provide resources to widows and others starting over in life. A not-for-profit ministry, Widow Connection produces two 60-second features heard on over 1,200 stations. New Beginnings focuses on issues that impact widows, including spiritual growth, parenthood, and current events.

About Miriam Neff

After a career as a counselor and author, Miriam Neff’s life took a devastating turn when she lost her husband, Bob, to ALS. As she navigated the difficulties of grief and living life alone, she wished for more resources to guide her. Eventually, God led her to launch a new ministry, Widow Connection, to widows and others starting over. Miriam is a frequent interview guest on programs such as Chris Fabry Live, a sponsor of sewing projects for women in Africa and Albania, a Bible study teacher and conference speaker, and the author of eleven books.

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Widow Connection

P.O. Box 242
Lake Zurich, IL 60047