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Listener Email Questions

June 28, 2013
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Howard Dayton and Steve Moore open with a few of your "Hey Howard" email questions sent to Next they answer your questions via telephone at (800) 525-7000. Questions addressed on today's program include:
  • "We cannot afford the house we're in any longer. Should we let the house go through foreclosure or perhaps file bankruptcy?"
  • "Should we cancel each of our credit cards as we pay them off?"
  • "I have multiple 401k accounts. What should I do with them?"
  • "We seem to be on several steps of the Compass Money Map at the same time. Is this normal?"
  • "What are my options for medical insurance?"
  • "How should I go about establishing a budget?"
  • "I have a 401k from a previous employer and need advice on what to do with it."
  • "How can I bring my credit up to buy a home?"
  • "What's the difference between gambling and stock trading?"

Mentioned during this program:Christian Healthcare Ministries at and Kingdom Advisors at

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