By David Chadwick

The church I lead has a large counseling department. Last year, we estimated that over 5,000 hours of counseling were given to people in need.

The head of the counseling department recently said something to me that I’ll not soon forget. She said that if Christians just knew their identity in Jesus, 80% of their counseling load would vanish.

What is identity in Jesus? It’s realizing that you are forgiven for all your sins. You are an adopted son or daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You know the width, depth, and height of the Father’s love.

When the enemy tempted Jesus, the first thing he attacked was identity. A short time earlier, at his baptism, Jesus had just heard from the Father that he was his beloved son and the Father was well pleased about his life.

Jesus was then driven into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. The enemy’s first statement to him was, “If you are the Son of God....” It was a full-frontal attack. He wanted Jesus to question whether his identity in the Father was true.

What’s true for Jesus is true for you. The devil continuously confronts your identity. He wants you to doubt your salvation and question whether you are a child of God. If you take the bait, he knows that you’ll turn to the world’s lies to fill the hole in your heart.

You will try something once to meet the need. Then again. And before you know it, you’re hooked – and dependent.

Know who you are in Jesus. Realize how much he loves you.

The enemy hates it when you do. But it’s the key for a life lived without guilt, shame, fear, and addiction.

It’s the pathway to freedom.

The devil knows it’s true.

I hope you do as well.

Stand strong in the attack

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