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God Is Not Finished With You Yet

May 16, 2015
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As followers of Jesus Christ we are to be “transformed by the renewing of [our] mind, that [we] might prove what the will of God is …” (Romans 12:2). Do you feel like you are there yet – thinking, speaking, and acting like Jesus? Are you effectively impacting those in your marketplace for Jesus Christ? If not, don’t lose heart! Paul wrote to the early church at Philippi to say that he was “confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6). We are a work in progress. What Jesus begins, He will complete.

Although a work in progress, you can be an effective influence for Jesus Christ now. You do not have to wait until Jesus has completely transforms you into His likeness. As believers, Jesus is working in and through us daily. Spiritual impact is not by our power nor by our might, but by God’s Spirit. Wherever God has you today, you have all the artillery of heaven behind you to go out and share Jesus Christ and the good news of the Gospel! Tune in as Richard Hamlet explains more from the book of Philippians.

Real Time in the Marketplace:

Our Real Time Spotlight shines on Pastor Alfred Ivery, a bi-vocational pastor in Memphis, Tennessee. Today, Pastor Alfred believes that church ministry is not just about the what happens within the four walls of a building, but it is about people representing Christ wherever they go.

After being brought up in the church and giving his life to God an early age, Alfred decided to do things his way during his teen years. He soon found himself trapped in the things of the world which eventually led him to prison. That’s when everything began to change. Tune in to hear the rest of Pastor Alfred’s inspiring story.

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About Ministry in the Marketplace

In doing business as missions, the urgency of showing God’s love in the workplace became evident. That’s when MOF’s radio ministry was developed entitled, Ministry in the Marketplace. Each week, Ministry in the Marketplace, digs deep into God’s word while featuring impactful stories on ways to minister in your marketplace.

Ministry in the Marketplace is a weekly radio program hosted by Dr. Richard Hamlet that features challenges and exhortations from God’s Word. To help you discover new ways to engage with those around you, the broadcast also includes interviews with men and women who effectively apply their faith to their marketplace as well as real life stories of people impacting their marketplaces around the world.

About Dr. Richard Hamlet

Dr. Richard Hamlet, Founder and President/CEO of Ministry Outreach Foundation, is an international evangelist. He has ministered in over 60 countries around the globe preaching the saving Gospel of Christ through crusades, revival meetings, and the training of national pastors. Additionally, in countries closed to the gospel, creative strategies are used to advance the Gospel to reach the lost through non-traditional means.

He formerly served as pastor in churches across Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi. Prior to his ordination to the Gospel Ministry in 1997, he worked in capital markets of the United States.

He is a Wall Street trained financial professional, with decades of experience working in the Capital markets. In 1997, he was called by God into the pastoral ministry. Since that time, in addition to pastoring multiple local churches in the USA, he and his wife Ginger have ministered in almost 100 countries around the globe, preaching the gospel and equipping indigenous church leaders in the work of ministry. He has a burning passion for those practitioners in the “marketplace”, who need to hear the saving gospel of Jesus, and the hope we can find in Jesus Christ. He and his wife are the co-founders of the Ministry Outreach Foundation (MOF). The Foundation actively invests in “Business as Missions” platforms in Real Estate and Christian Media.

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