Living With Victory Instructions for Alexa

Listen to your favorite OnePlace ministries on all Alexa enabled devices! Alexa is the voice-activated assistant for Amazon devices such as the Echo, Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap.

To begin listening, let’s make sure the OnePlace skill is enabled on your device

Use the command “Alexa, open OnePlace” to enable the skill and listen for the welcome message “Welcome to the podcast player”. Immediately following the welcome message, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite show or host:

“Play ‘Living With Victory’”


“Play ‘Laureen and Tony Giorgio’”

Now that the OnePlace skill is enabled on your device, you can listen with a single command

“Alexa, ask OnePlace to play ‘Living With Victory’”

“Alexa, ask OnePlace to play ‘Laureen and Tony Giorgio’”

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About Living With Victory

Laureen & Tony share their life stories of hope and encouragement through their faith in Jesus Christ.

You too can find peace, joy, and victory in life. It's not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain, with Jesus as your umbrella.

About Laureen and Tony Giorgio

When God brought Laureen and Tony together on a blind date in 1964 they were two completely different people. Laureen was brought up in a church her grandmother founded and Tony grew up on the streets of New York. God knew what He was doing though because for 50 years they have been reaching out and helping people through their storms, teaching that life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass it’s about learning to dance in rain the with spiritual perseverance and faith, above all, in Jesus Christ.

Illness and financial storms that they experienced the first nine years of their marriage, forced them to leave New York and move to Florida. In 1984 Laureen and Tony, founders of Compassion Children’s Foundation, Inc., (now known as Living with Victory Ministries, Inc., which included a radio ministry), advocated for more than 30 years throughout the country for many families with seriously ill children who were falling through the cracks.

In 2004 thinking it was time to retire, they moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. However, they felt that God wanted them to continue through “Living with Victory”, their radio ministry.

They want to share how God, through His Word, brought them through their storms, from bankruptcy to breast cancer and so much more. They feel, that because they have been through many storms themselves, knowing what it feels like to be afflicted and to know the hopelessness that can, at times, stop you from even praying. Laureen and Tony talk about their own storms in a very transparent way and the mistakes they have made. The couple want you to know that through reading God’s Word and learning to lean on and fully trust Jesus, who died and rose again, you can have Peace, Joy and Victory in the midst of your storms because “Jesus is your Umbrella!"

Contact Living With Victory with Laureen and Tony Giorgio

Mailing Address:
Living With Victory Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 1982
Maggie Valley North Carolina, 28751