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Freed from Sin

August 30, 2020
From the MLJ Archive with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Freed from the Tyranny of Sin

September 6, 2020

Romans 6:7 - We have often heard the phrase “don't be a baby” said in everyday language, but what does that imply? We do not mean that they should put aside their childish ways, we mean that they are no longer a child so they should act like an adult. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones expands on his previous sermon by highlighting the same emphasis that Paul writes in Romans 6:7. Once again, Paul is confirming that our old self has died with Christ and so we have been set free from sin! We are no longer under the reign of sin so we should live our life in accordance to this truth. Those who are in Christ are justified from the guilt of sin. Paul is once again proving the assurance of our salvation. While our mortal bodies may still be tempted of sin, Christ’s Holy Spirit dwells within and so we are no longer under the rule of sin. In the final day, when Christ calls the believers home to Heaven, our mortal bodies will then be free of all temptation. The Doctor encourages us to lift our eyes to anticipate that glorious day!

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Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899–1981) has been described as "a great pillar of the 20th century Evangelical Church". Born in Wales, and educated in London, he was a brilliant student who embarked upon a short, but successful, career as a medical doctor at the famous St Bartholemew's Hospital. However, the call of Gospel ministry was so strong that he left medicine in order to become minister of a mission hall in Port Talbot, South Wales. Eventually he was called to Westminster Chapel in London, where thousands flocked to hear his "full-blooded" Gospel preaching, described by one hearer as "logic on fire". With some 1600 of his sermons recorded and digitally restored, this has left a legacy which is now available for the blessing of another generation of Christians around the world — "Though being dead he still speaks".

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