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About Lifeword

Lifeword is the media arm of the Baptist Missionary Association of America. Our mission is to proclaim the good news of life in Jesus Christ in ever-widening circles around the world via radio, television and the world-wide web.

Lifeword is:

  • focusing on the unreached,
  • making the presentations culturally relevant,
  • speaking in the heart-language of the hearer,
  • using creative approaches to capture the listener's attention,
  • responding to felt needs of our neighbors, whether near or far,
  • ministering to local churches through media services,
  • striving always to present ourselves in a professional and Godly manner,
  • working in harmony with our fellow Christians and living exemplary lives which reflect the God-given joy of being ambassadors for Christ.



About Rick Russell and Donny Parrish

Rick Russell Chief Programming Officer

Rick joined the Lifeword team in 1989 as Program Director. Rick today consults with Lifeword’s regional directors, BMA Missions directors, and pastors to ascertain the most pressing Gospel media needs within each region. He works with regional directors to assess the quality and cost effectiveness of each broadcast and follow-up system to help formulate plans for improvement. Rick writes a monthly letter to inform Lifeword supporters about broadcast progress and development. He also writes and edits scripts and serves as executive producer for all broadcast productions. Rick said, “At first I thought I was here primarily because of my broadcast background. Now I know I’m here because this is the work that God has prepared for me to do.”

Rick has been a broadcaster since he was fourteen, and had an interest in it since age eight. He has worked for several radio stations and done voice-over talent for numerous companies and organizations.

Rick grew up in Kansas and Georgia and has been in Conway since 1989.

Rick and his wife Angela are members of Oasis Baptist Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas.


Donny Parrish

Donny Parrish is the Executive Pastor of Worship and Ministry for Fellowship Church in Forney, Texas. Fellowship ministers to over 1,200 people weekly. Donny is one of four pastors who serve this dynamic church ministry.

Donny serves as Director of Student Missions for the BMA of America as well as the Conference Ministry Director for DiscipleGuide Church Resources. He is author of instructional conference material on a wide range of ministry subjects and he works with churches to strengthen their individual local ministries, producing dozens of workshops and conferences each year. Part of his responsibilities includes sending hundreds of high school and college students on global mission trips.

Donny is a nationally known conference speaker, concert artist and is a radio personality. He writes and is one of the voices for Lifeword Media Ministry’s daily US broadcast. In addition, Donny produces videos and ad campaigns for various commercial companies and educational institutions. He lists as his credits television production for the National Religious Broadcasters Annual World Conference, as well as many other ministry-related projects. He is a three-time recipient of the Lifeword Visionary Award.

Donny and his wife, Datha, have been married for over 30 years. They have two daughters, Brittany, already in heaven, and Samantha, a student at Ouachita Baptist University. They reside in Forney, TX.

Contact Lifeword with Rick Russell and Donny Parrish

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