Dinner Is Served - A

March 21, 2018
Know The Truth with Philip De Courcy

Dinner Is Served - B

March 22, 2018

Every now and then, we experience a loss that shakes our world. Whether it is a sudden health problem, or a financial crisis, in moments like these we are reminded that we can rely completely on God for our daily needs. On today's broadcast, Pastor Philip continues his teaching on the Lord's Prayer as he explains what it means to ask God for our daily bread. 

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Know The Truth is a daily and weekend 25-minute radio program, featuring the Bible teaching ministry of Philip De Courcy and hosted by broadcasting veteran Wayne Shepherd. Through expositional and transformational studies, Know The Truth is fully devoted to proclaiming the truth of God’s Word with boldness, clarity and conviction.

About Philip De Courcy

Philip De Courcy, a native of Northern Ireland, is the Senior Pastor of Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills, California. Philip's expositional delivery comes with a charming Celtic flare and the direct and disarming style you would expect from a former Northern Ireland street cop. He offers an appropriate balance of reverence and humor, compassion and confidence.

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