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About Hope Ministry

Inseong Kim Show is a radio program host integrating our personal life with studying history to unlock today and tomorrow - historical and Biblical view can help us unlocking our past and today and tomorrow. Yesterday affects today and tomorrow, individually, nationally and globally. Healthy understanding of yesterday direct us better today and tomorrow. Also, we will share inspiring stories of ordinary people who had gone through challenges in their lives, yet overcame through their faith and healthy biblical view. Everyone has stories. When we share the gentle hands of God in our lives, we enter the journey together with other inspiring and encouraging people. What is your story? Share with us...We will LISTEN to your story. Your story can help change many lives.

About Inseong Kim

Radio Host 1360AM KPXQ +

Powerful Voice of the Generation

How can we live TODAY fully and blessed as a present? Understanding our yesterday unlocks today and brings better tomorrow. Depends on how we handle our past, our future might lead us to a different course. When we journey our yesterday with God, we can live out fully today and tomorrow. Inseong studied Special Education at Ewha Womans University, Actuarial Science Degree at Ohio State University and currently being trained at Phoenix Seminary. She is an artist, writer, radio host and film executive producer. She is married to Steven, a dentist, for 34 years and have three beautiful children.

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