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Proverbs 20:18 says, “Be sure you have sound advice before making plans or starting a war.” If you are going to make good decisions, if you are going to make great decisions, you are going to need assistance. We all need counsel and advice in order to make certain decisions and make them well. Life is very complex. It’s challenging. And I think modern life is the most complex the world has ever been. There were times in history when life was simpler, where there were fewer choices but today there are so many options.

You can’t decide anything without having many options and choices. You go to buy an electronic device or an appliance and there can be ten different varieties and multiple brands. Almost every decision requires a great amount of wisdom to make the right call. And we live in a culture in which a many people are giving advice. Bloggers, Talk show hosts, celebrities all give out a lot of advice. Whether they are qualified or correct in their advice is another issue. 

Which is why you need form an Advisory Team. You need to intentionally think about forming a team of people that can be your advisors. We start out life with an Advisory Team. We begin with a preordained team of advisors and those people were our parents, teachers and coaches. When we’re younger, we don’t even choose them. They choose us. And they are there to give us advice to help us in the early days of our life to start out in the right direction.

You need to form an Advisory Team of people that can help you with decisions. And those need to be different kinds of people, who have had different kinds of experiences both negative and positive. They may be consultants, trainers, doctors, financial advisors, pastors or various friends. Ultimately, you’ve got to make the call for your own life. But it’s good to hear differing perspectives. It’s good to hear different opinions. It’s good to know how wise people see an issue.

You have to personally know the people that are on your Team. When you listen to their advice and act on it the result could be marvelous. The advice that they give you could spare you from heartache, could spare you from the negative consequences of a bad decision, or could lead you into a really good situation. Ideally you make a great decision because you received the kind of perspective, the kind of input we all need to make great decisions.


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