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Gold has enamored humankind for centuries. The search for it has lead people to travel great distances, make enormous sacrifices and risk their very lives. The Gold Rush in California resulted in so many people coming there that it ultimately became a state. The NFL’s San Francisco 49’ers are named after that famed gold rush.

About fifty years later Felix Pedro, an immigrant from Italy discovered gold in Alaska. Pedro spent years in Alaska searching for gold. He actually found gold but ran out food and when he left to get supplies he was never able to find that spot again. He continued to search for gold in the creeks and valleys of the Tanana Valley northeast of Fairbanks. On July 22, 1902 in a small stream (now called Pedro Creek) he discovered gold. His famous words about the discovery where, “There’s gold in them their hills.”

This led to a full-scale gold rush. Thousands of men came to Alaska to find gold. The mountainous terrain and bitter climate made the search a huge challenge. Mining was very difficult as the ore was distributed unevenly and digging was slowed by the permafrost. Living conditions were horrible. Wooden structures in isolated areas with unsanitary conditions led to fires and epidemics.

I visited Pioneer Park in Fairbanks where they have a large-scale model of a mining operation. The amount of effort and work it took to mine gold was incredible. They would have to dig over 100 feet down to find gold. They had to deal with the permafrost which was almost as hard as rock and then as they dug became very wet. The next day they would have to deal with the wetness and then more rock-hard soil. Once they found gold mixed with dirt and sediment they had to transport it back to the top. There they began the process of separating the elements to get the gold.

The level of commitment and sacrifice these men showed was remarkable. They were willing to do just about anything to find gold. In I Peter 1:7 it says, “Your faith which is more precious than gold.” Our Faith is much more valuable than gold but do we act like it is? Do we show same level of commitment to the cause of Christ? Are we willing to make exceptional sacrifices for Jesus? Will we work as hard as possible to see God’s kingdom expand?

If our Faith is of such value to us it should reflect in what we do. Our priorities should match our professed faith. What we are committed to lasts forever. Nothing can be more important to us than eternal souls. Let’s have a “Faith Rush” for Jesus.


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