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The Fight over the Heart of Africa - Secularism vs. the Christian Social Order

The egalitarian western humanists have destroyed their families and rotted out their civilizations. Now they are working on Africa. The United Nations and Hillary Clinton are doing what they can to bring secularism into places like Southern Sudan. It is a battle between the egalitarian, Marxist population control freaks from the U.N./U.S. State Department and the worldview you get from Kevin Swanson on this program. We are outnumbered, but the fledgling country of Southern Sudan has strong Christian roots, providing a great opportunity for the flourishing of Christian family values and biblical standards of righteousness. Christianity is losing almost everywhere else. But now, the "western" corruption is foisted on these fledgling countries in Africa. One man stands in opposition to this: William Levi, who has a vision for Africa, especially Southern Sudan. This is one of the most eye-opening interviews you will ever hear when it comes to the international war of the worldviews.
December 27, 2011

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