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Elon Musk, Bit Coin, and Debt Monetization - One Gigantic Ponzi Scheme

March 5, 2021
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Has the US become one big Ponzi scheme? Has the character of the nation come to the point that only Ponzi schemes hold any real interest on the part of investors and voters? We discuss the most unprofitable company in the world, and the profit it pulls from legalized extortion plots. The Federal Reserve stepped up debt monetization in 2008-ish, but as of 2020 the Fed is monetizing debt like it's going out of style. A few years ago, only 11% of the debt was monetized. Now we're looking at 27%. And, roughly 90% of the $4.5 trillion last year was monetized. In case our listeners are unaware of what fractional reserve banking and debt monetization looks like, we provide a little allegory to help out.

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