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A Major Scientific Breakthrough in Our Time

February 25, 2016
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Major scientific breakthroughs do not happen every day. They require a combination of inspiration, perspiration, and, of course, the mercy of God. This particular medical invention has contributed to saving millions of lives. Kevin Swanson interviews Dr. Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the first Human Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine in 1977. Dr. Damadian gives God the glory for this amazing technological breakthrough. Was this the reason he was refused the Nobel Prize in 1984? This story will be a true inspiration to every Christian and to every young person who wants to discover something amazing in God’s great universe. At the end of the program, Dr. Damadian shares the secret of what it takes to produce an invention of great import.

This program includes:
1. The World View in Five Minutes (Family Farm Gives Up Fight Against Homosexual Weddings, Abortion Clinics Shutting Down Faster Than Ever, Donald Trump Takes Nevada Primary)
2. Generations with Kevin Swanson

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