The Ten Commandments was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ. The Ten Commandments are a spiritual mirror to show you that you are out of shape. The spiritual mirror can not make you healthy…it can only show you, whether reveal to you, your state. Jesus Christ can make you righteous. A young man looked into his bathroom mirror, while he was naked. He learned that his chest was flabby, his stomach was fat, his legs had cellulite, and his arms were weak. He immediately went and got a personal trainer, started eating healthy and working out. He drunk water, instead of soft drinks, and he ate grilled meat and fresh vegetables instead of fried foods.

After doing this consistently, for awhile, he went and looked in the mirror again. To his surprise he was in great shape. Did the mirror get him in shape? No. The same goes for godliness, which is being spiritually in shape. The trainer is the Holy Spirit. The water, meat, and vegetables are the Word of God (Holy Bible). The exercise program is Godliness (living by faith and being like Jesus). In a nut shell…when you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior…you become a child of God and receive the Holy Spirit. If you walk in the Spirit you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh and therefore you are demonstrating godliness. Now look at the Ten Commandments and tell me what you see? You should see Jesus! For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believes.