Disappointment is on the rise throughout the nation. The level of frustration is high among people who are witnessing the fundamental transformation of America, or should I say the destruction of the original United States of America?
Is everyone discontented with the way the affairs of the nation are being handled? Of course not, there are those who would support the devil himself if he offers a full belly and pocket change for everyone. Never mind who has to pay as long as it is not the takers who always want everything without cost to them.
The more disorderly the times become, the more caring people are beginning to question where is the answer to all of this man made madness and foolishness. Who is telling the truth? More important, where is the truth?
Long ago and I do mean long ago, people knew where to find the truth; in the pulpit of the churches.   Nowadays, even there, for the most part, the truth of God’s Word has been so diluted over the course of a hundred years; it has been made easy for Christians to have become lazy in their commitment to be true, faithful and disciplined students of the Word of God. Yes, I do make the church responsible for the high level of immaturity and irresponsibility in the Christian life and society as a whole. Instead of making believers true disciples of Christ by feeding them solid spiritual food, they have deformed them by keeping them spiritually malnourished and without accountability. No wonder the soul of the nation is dying. No wonder “Christians,” for the most part, are not making the difference to better the market place of ideas including the workplace. They have embraced the godless principles of irresponsibility and in the process are denying the true faith in the Living God.
The chaotic result in society tells us that the church has abandoned sound biblical doctrine. If those who are responsible to lead the sheep into the Great Shepherd’s fold only care about protecting and preserving their denominational twist of Scripture and self interests, what are the sheep to do? Are they subject to loyalty and submission to wolves in sheep’s clothing? Or, are they to stand up and confront falsehoods in destructive doctrines which only lead Christians to live in the superficial realm of emotionalism, mysticism, self destruction and dangerous speculations about the truth of God’s character, His will, His world, universe and heaven?
What are they supposed to do?
The answer is clear; they are to firmly stand up in faithfulness to their commitment of God’s truth. Regardless of the price that must be paid in the process for defending God’s absolutes in all areas of life. Every true born again believer in Christ must return to the full counsel of the Word of God and to sound biblical doctrine as it relates to His ethical and moral law, to fully understand and know God and His rightful place as the Sovereign ruler and owner of everything created seen and unseen.
True Biblical Christians are required by God to have answers to everything that is wrong not only in the nation, but the world. They must stop believing Satan’s lies that you must have formal theological studies or seminary biblical scholarship titles in order to know the answers to complex problems.  All that is needed to grow up in the knowledge of God’s Word is the Bible. Read, study, believe the Bible and apply the principles established by God to all of life. The Bible is not just another book; it is the only reliable source for understanding life, the world and the universe from God’s perspective.
The writer of the Hebrew letter encouraged the Hebrew Christians to grow up and leave behind the rudimentary principles of salvation and to move forward developing their understanding in the application of the word of righteousness in their continuous spiritual, intellectual and emotional maturity. They could do it by diligently and consistently exercising their senses by discerning good and evil (Hebrews 5:13-14). This same exhortation is for us; it never expires.
Growing up in the knowledge of God and His revealed Word is a personal responsibility; you cannot delegate it to anyone else. This is the reason the Holy Spirit is in the world today so He can lead us into all the truth. All the truth is not only about the revealed Word of God; it includes all areas of human development where truth needs to shine its light for astounding undeniable results. 
If you think that man in the natural is capable of solving life and the world’s complex problems then you just do not know history and will contribute to the ever increasing demise of the human race. On the other hand, if you know that only God’s truth can solve all problems and stand up to declare it Scripturally accurate, you will continue to  mature and grow to be one who provides answers from the knowledge acquired by exercising your discernment of good and evil.  You know the value of responsibility and you care enough to see a turning around of the nation’s decline.  You must apply the good you know to be true and expose evil for what it is without condescending; evil is evil,  its only purposes is to destroy and you do not want to have part in it. You are aware of what is going on and you know what must be done. You love God, and you love His created order, your faith in the God of the Bible challenges you to stand up and grow up!
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