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The Los Lunas Rock

Deuteronomy 27:3a: "'You shall write on them all the words of this law, when you have crossed over, that you may enter the land which the LORD your God is giving you…'"

Did someone engrave the Ten Commandments, in ancient Hebrew, on a New Mexico rock 2,000 years ago?

In 1871, Indians showed New Mexico rancher Franz Huning a basalt boulder on his land. The boulder had strange writing on it. The Indians told him that the rock, with its writing, had been there long before their tribes ever came to the area. Scholars were brought in to look at the rock. They identified the writing as paleo‑Hebrew script of the style in use between 500 and 100 B.C. What did the engraving say on what has come to be known as the Los Lunas Rock? It was an engraving of the Ten Commandments. But who could have made it?

There are additional finds that are even more astonishing and seem to make the answer obvious. Above the rock is a flat mountain top. On the mountain top are ancient ruins of stone structures that seem to be designed for defense. Its design has been compared to the ruins of Lachish, in southern Judea. Another Hebrew inscription on the mountaintop names the God of Israel as "our Mighty One." An astronomical petroglyph indicates a partial solar eclipse that is known to have taken place in 107 B.C. This coincides with an archaeologist's dating of the engravings to about 2,000 years ago.

Did travelers from southern Judea settle in what is now New Mexico some 2,000 years ago? Exciting evidence supports that possibility and challenges modern stereotypes about the abilities and accomplishments of the humans of 2,000 years ago.

Prayer: I pray, dear Lord, that our proud modern age may be increasingly challenged by the evidence showing that the human beings You have created have always been highly intelligent, curious and capable. Amen.

Notes: Creation Science Fellowship Newsletter, Aug. 1992. p. 4.

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