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Security Mites

Psalm 20:1: "The LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee...."

The potter wasp is a solitary wasp that makes a mud nest with several rooms in it. At egg-laying time, the wasp lays one egg in each cavity and leaves some food in each cavity. She also leaves behind security forces.

You see, another species of parasitic wasp seeks out such nests to lay its eggs. When it is successful, the baby potter wasp has no chance of survival. The potter wasp has very specialized pockets on its back. Tiny mites live within those pockets, causing no harm to the wasp. While the potter wasp lays her eggs and provisions the nest, some of the mites exit and remain in each room with an egg. These mites will remain in the nest after it is sealed, feeding on the food left for the hatchlings. They also mate at this time, which conveniently provides a population of mites for the young potter wasps. While these mites are peaceful creatures, should a parasitic wasp get into the nest, however, they eagerly attack it. This parasitic wasp is the only creature the mites attack.

This arrangement that benefits both the potter wasp and the mites is too intricate to have come about by accident. It was designed by the same Creator who protects His children.

Prayer: Thank You, Father, for Your care and protection, especially Your protection from the devil through Christ's victory. Amen.


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