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Monkeying with Genetics

Job 7:17: "What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him? and that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him?"

We have all heard the recent claims that humans and chimpanzees are about 99 percent genetically identical. However, that claim evaporates when the details of what is being compared are examined.

First of all, the DNA sequences that were compared were cherry-picked. Similar sequences in both humans and chimps were compared, while non-similar sequences were ignored. In addition, comparisons were made using only DNA that codes for making protein. This ignores most of the human and chimp genome. When DNA that regulates cell operation are included in the comparison, the similarity rate drops considerably. Important parts of certain chromosomes, like the Y chromosome, are very different. Research has also found that there are major differences between how certain genes express themselves within cells. In addition, the chimpanzee genome is 10 to 12 percent larger than man's, which is quite a difference in itself.

The truth is, the entire human and chimp genome have never been compared. But the differences between humans and chimps become an unbridgeable gulf when you consider the spiritual. Man was made to be responsible before God and to have a relationship with Him. Jesus Christ died for the salvation of humans, not for chimps.

Prayer: Thank You Father, for sending You Son for our redemption and seeking us out with Your gracious Word. Amen.

Notes: Acts & Facts, 6-09, pp. 12-13, Jeffery Tomkins, Human-Chimp Similarities, "Common Ancestry or Flawed Research?"

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