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Eyewitness to a Volcano's Birth

Judges 5:5: "The mountains melted from before the LORD, even that Sinai from before the LORD God of Israel."

How long does it take for a volcano to form? Scientists who reject the flood of Noah's time insist that it takes many thousands or millions of years. And yet, we know from eyewitness testimony that at least one volcano – Mount Paricutin in Mexico – grew to over 300 feet in height within a week of its birth.

The birth of Mount Paricutin took place in 1943, when a Mexican farmer, Dionisio Pulido, along with his son and wife, were working in a field. He was frightened when he saw a fissure open in the ground and the surrounding soil starting to bulge upwards. Soon the air was filled with dark smoke and gas smelling like rotten eggs.

Before the volcano became extinct nine years later, it had reached a height of 1,390 feet – tall enough to be seen from miles away. Since 1952, the volcano has been attracting tourists and climbers from all over the world. Now, if you were to ask tourists who hadn't listened to today's program how long the volcano has been there, they would say thousands or millions of years.

People generally say millions of years when asked about the age of the Grand Canyon. But they are basing their answers on assumptions made by geologists who don't take a worldwide flood into account. Far better than assumptions is the geological history of the world we find in the Bible.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, though I know I will be mocked, I believe what the Bible tells me about the six-day creation and the worldwide flood. After all, You were there so You ought to know! In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Notes: Jonathan O'Brien, "Paricutin", Creation 35(1) 2013, pp. 32-33. Photo: Eruption of Mount Paricutin in 1943. Courtesy of R.E. Wilcox, U.S. Geological Survey. (PD)

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