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Evidence of Fossils


Job 38:4,6

“Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;”


It is popularly supposed, without foundation, that fossils are the definitive proof of the theory of evolution. This is the impression that has been given in high schools, and the like, the world over. For example, the Washington Science Standards says this:


Earth History has been uncovered by observing processes that take place today, and projecting those processes back in time. These remnants, especially fossils, provide essential clues to understanding the evolution of our planet.


Other states and countries have similar things to say. The BBC’s website contains some pages to help high school students in England and Wales. On one of these pages, we find this:


Most of the evidence for evolution comes from the fossil record. Fossils show how much, or how little, organisms have changed over time.


If most of the evidence for evolution comes from fossils, how much evidence really is that? The BBC’s website continues.


One of the problems with the fossil record is that it contains gaps.


What sort of an admission is this? The evidence for evolution is in the fossil record, yet this record contains gaps. How do they know the record contains gaps? Because important stages in the evolution of certain species are missing? But how do they know they are missing if the actual evidence for evolution is in the fossils? Could it be that the statement is disingenuous and the fossils do not, after all, provide evidence for evolution?


In fact, the fossil record provides no such evidence. Instead, there is evidence for stasis – that many organisms have remained the same – and for extinction.


Prayer: If only people would open their eyes, Lord, You have given us all the evidence we need to know You, love You, and worship You. Amen.


Ref: Washington Science Standards K-12, Washington State Board of Education, Version 1.2, 2010. Image: donated to Public Domain.



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