Core Truth Radio Instructions for Alexa

Listen to your favorite OnePlace ministries on all Alexa enabled devices! Alexa is the voice-activated assistant for Amazon devices such as the Echo, Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap.

To begin listening, let’s make sure the OnePlace skill is enabled on your device

Use the command “Alexa, open OnePlace” to enable the skill and listen for the welcome message “Welcome to the podcast player”. Immediately following the welcome message, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite show or host:

“Play ‘Core Truth Radio’”


“Play ‘Pastor Steve Wilburn’”

Now that the OnePlace skill is enabled on your device, you can listen with a single command

“Alexa, ask OnePlace to play ‘Core Truth Radio’”

“Alexa, ask OnePlace to play ‘Pastor Steve Wilburn’”

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About Core Truth Radio

Our vision at Core Truth Radio is simple: teach the word of God in its entirety, and in a culturally-relevant way. We long for all people to hear and embrace the truth of God's word. By hearing un-compromised biblical teaching, we believe listeners will be drawn into a real and vibrant relationship with the living God.

About Pastor Steve Wilburn

Pastor Steve Wilburn is the founder and Senior Pastor of Core Church LA in Los Angeles, California, and the host of a nightly radio broadcast heard throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. An evangelist at heart, Pastor Steve's purpose in ministry is to teach the Word of God with truth and passion, praying to see many people come into a personal, saving relationship with Christ.

Contact Core Truth Radio with Pastor Steve Wilburn

P.O. BOX 34789
Los Angeles, CA 90034