What is your number one desire as a disciple of Jesus? A few years ago I was reading a book by Leith Anderson entitled Winning the Values War in a Changing Culture. At the end of the book, he asked a question that hit me right between the eyes: "Can Jesus trust you?" Anderson wrote: "As a Christian you've probably been asked ten thousand times if you trust Jesus. I hope that your answer is a resounding YES! He is trustworthy! We talk a great deal about trusting Jesus for problems, opportunities, health, marriage, family, job, church, and everything else. That's the way it should be because Jesus is trustworthy, and he wants us to trust him... He is trustworthy! But are we?" It's an interesting and challenging question for a Christian to Ponder. Jesus needs disciples to live faithfully as shining lights in all kinds of life's circumstances, easy and difficult. He needs followers who will talk about him with those who need him in their lives. He needs soldiers of the cross to stand up for him and live out his kingdom values in an ever-changing culture. He is looking for servants who will sacrificially give of themselves and do whatever it takes to awaken people to his love for them. He needs disciples who will make the time and effort to disciple others. Can Jesus trust you and me? That is my desire as a person who trusts Jesus - to be a disciple he can confidently trust with his precious ministry. How about you?