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Who Caused the Pandemic - God or Satan? I feel Isolated in My Church, what should I do?

February 27, 2021
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Why does 2 Peter 1 say "purification from his former sins" if we are forgiven of all sins? What are your thoughts on the TNIV translation? Why is the man in 1 Corinthians 5 referred to as "wicked" if he is a believer? I feel isolated in my church and I'm wondering what to do- any help? What are the "narrow gate" and the "wide gate" that Jesus refers to? What does "God gave them over" mean in Romans 1? What if someone argues for certain beliefs because the "early church fathers" believed them? Who caused this pandemic- God or Satan?

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The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley consistently offers simple, straightforward, and accurate help for anyone looking to better understand the depths of God’s grace. Andrew’s teachings will challenge the way you look at God through scriptural insights, and help you live in the freedom of the finished work of Jesus Christ.

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Dr. Andrew Farley is devoted to helping people better understand the grace of God and helping them live in the freedom that comes from a true understanding of Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross. He seeks to challenge the way people look at God, and themselves, through practical, scriptural insights about God’s forgiveness, living under grace and what a new identity in Christ really means.

Andrew is the author of Zondervan’s debuted #1 bestseller on Amazon, The Naked Gospel, in addition to serving as lead pastor of Church Without Religion in Lubbock, Texas. He is also the president of The Grace Message. His mission is to help people better understand the grace of God and see them enjoy freedom. He previously served as a professor of linguistics at the University of Notre Dame and Texas Tech University

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