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About 4 His Beloved

Intimately knowing the heart of God is what fuels our lives with tenacious passion! As a ministry we seek to provide every possible opportunity for women to authentically encounter the heart of God through the uncompromising ministry of His Word. Plan to join us as we aim to lead women into the full measure of their inheritance in Christ by helping them to grow in freedom, grace, confidence, and riches of His love.

4 His Beloved is a 501c3, Non-Denominational Christian Ministry for Women

About Lisa Cook

Lisa Cook is connecting the heart of women with the heart of God through the word of God. Convinced that the Lord has graciously gifted every woman with the capacity to alter landscapes through mountain-moving faith, she works tirelessly to minister His word of grace with passion. As a seasoned Bible teacher of nearly 20 years, a veteran wife for 30 and a mother of now 3 grown children, Lisa’s roots go deep in the soil of God’s love and grace. Her ministry has been richly shaped by her journey. The weekly Bible teaching of 4 His Beloved with Lisa Cook can be heard on several stations throughout the United States. Lisa is also the author of “You are a Woman of Destiny” book and study guide, and "30 Days of Strength for a Woman’s Heart” Devotional.

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Twitter: @4HisBeloved

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Mailing Address: PO Box 6572, Salinas, CA 93912

Phone: 1 831-783-0886