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Honoring the Lord through Honoring our Heritage

“But Naboth said to Ahab, ‘The Lord forbid me that I should give you the inheritance of my fathers.’”  (1 Kings 21:3,)

Having just returned from Israel, and being one who keeps up with both Biblical history and current events, I have a few thoughts on the “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians. 

From almost every angle Israel is told to give their land to Palestinians in order to bring about a lasting peace.  There are three problems with this.  First, the land never belonged to Palestinians.  Since the days of Joshua over 3,000 years ago the land has been either Jewish land or “no man’s” land.  Any idea that the Jews took land from the Palestinians is historical revision.  Second, land has been offered to the Palestinians time and time again.  Most often they refused the land, preferring to be a terror organization than a legitimate state.  When they did accept the land (as in Gaza), what was once productive land in a productive society quickly deteriorated, and chaos and hunger followed.  Peace has never been the result.  Third, peace is not a matter of land, but of heart.  Until Palestinians acknowledge the right of a Jewish state, peace is not on the horizon.  

Sadly, however, many overlook reality and try to broker a “land for peace” deal.  Israel must take the stance of Naboth of Israel.  This faithful Jew would not even give his land to the King of Israel because doing so would break the law of inheritance and dishonor both his fathers and his God.

If Naboth would not give the land to his King, Israel should not give the land to their enemies!

In His Grace,

Dr. Randy White

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