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Ahira, Son of Enan

So Moses and Aaron took these men who had been designated by name.” (Numbers 1:17, NASB95)

Ahira ben Enan represents the tribe of Naphtali.  His name means “My brother is wicked.”   You may remember that Dan’s tribe was led by Ahiezer (my brother is help).  The leadership of Ahira may give indication of the trouble of Dan or simply of the trouble of his collective brother, Israel. 

Enan means “having sight” or “having eyes.”  Because our assumption is that the father represents the wilderness generation and the son represents the generation which would inherit the land, we must presume that Israel in the wilderness “had sight,” but was without insight!  How easy it is to see problems, how hard it is to see through problems.   When Israel arrived in the Promised Land after a long 40 years, she would look back on her “brother” from the preceding generation and say “he was trouble!”

Let me encourage you to have more than eyes. It is only with God’s Word that we truly see the world.  In the light of His Word, we look at the worldly brother of the Word, which is the wisdom of the world and say “my brother is wicked!”

In His Grace,

Dr. Randy White

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