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Pagiel, Son of Ochran

So Moses and Aaron took these men who had been designated by name.” (Numbers 1:17, NASB95)

Asher’s tribe was represented by Pagiel ben Ochran.  You recognize the last part of Pagiel with the personal pronoun and the name for God.  This pattern always means that the name will mean “My ____ is God” or, in easier English, “God is my ______.”   In this case, the word “Pag” means “event” so Pagiel is “God is my event!”  Indeed, the Messianic age pictured in the arrival to the Promised Land is the ultimate God-event!

Ochran, who pictures the time of the wilderness wanderings, means “Troubled.”  The children of Israel would journey through the greatest time of trouble (so great that the entire generation would die within 40 years!) to the greatest God-event the nation had ever know, namely the conquest of the Promised Land!

Years ago Simon & Garfunkel sang the notoriously 60’s song, “Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water.”  In coming days, the Jewish nation will experience the Great Tribulation, which Jesus says will surpass the troubles of any other age, but it culminates in the arrival of her Messiah and the ushering in of the greatest God-event of any age, the Messianic Kingdom!

In His Grace,
Dr. Randy White

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