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Shelumiel, the Son of Zurishaddai

So Moses and Aaron took these men who had been designated by name,” (Numbers 1:17)

The tribe of Simeon was represented by Shelumiel ben Zurishaddai.

You may recognize the El in Shelumiel as “God.” You may also recognize the “i” as the personal possessive. From these two things alone, we can guess that the name is going to be “My shelum is God.” The word shelum is actually a derivative of the familiar Hebrew word shalom, meaning “peace.” Thus, when the Israelites arrive in the Promised Land, they will declare, “My peace is God!”

This is true of the Christian life in a spiritual sense as well.  When we are resting in God’s care, then God is our peace. The bumper-sticker theology that says “Know God, Know Peace—No God, No Peace” is accurate! God provides the peace that surpasses understanding when we know Him.

The name Zurishaddai introduces us to another familiar Hebrew word, shaddai. We most often see the word in the compound, Elshaddai.  The word means “Almighty” and Elshaddai means God Almighty. Again, remembering that the “i” is the personal possessive, we will expect that this name means “My Zur is Almighty.”  And Zur (or Tsur) means “rock” (remember Elizur of Reuben?).  

In Egypt, Israel came to know that “My Rock is Almighty,” and in the Promised Land they would know “My peace is God.”

In His Grace,

Dr. Randy White

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