Not Negotiable

John 14:31

“I love the Father and . . . I do exactly what my Father has commanded me.”

Most of us don’t like to be commanded. We’d rather be asked or invited or encouraged or persuaded. But here is Jesus―water-walking, dead-raising, blind-eye-opening Jesus―describing the purpose of His life as doing exactly what His Father has commanded Him. Are you willing to accept a commandment from the Lord, exactly, with no invitation to share your opinion and with no concern for your comfort or calendar? Or are you prone to negotiating? I have to admit much of my Christian experience has been a negotiation, but I’m trying to improve my thought processes in that area. When we say, “God, I love You and will serve You whether I get my way or not,” we will be astounded by the things He will do in us and through us.


Heavenly Father, I am humbled by the example of Jesus, who loved You and served You and obeyed You, even through His death on a cross. Give me a spirit of willingness to obey You without question and without reservation, even when Your plan doesn’t seem clear to me. And I will praise You for the mighty things You will do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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