In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)
 “In the beginning “is perhaps the most significant phrase in the entire Bible. There was a time when there was nothing—no creation, no life, no solar system, and no universe. The word “genesis” means beginning. What it underscores is that life has a starting point in time. This truth is a critical element in understanding the biblical world view. From the instant creation began, life became linear, not cyclical. And because we’re not caught in an incessant replaying of the same tune, as with the irrational idea of reincarnation, life has direction and meaning. 


Living in the In-Between Times

As people following Christ, we all experience stop and go, arrival and departure, life and death. We know about living in between pivotal moments. It’s easy to believe that God is not at work in the ordinary. But He is! Through my book Living in the In-Between Times, you’ll discover how God speaks to you, how you can respond, and the significance of decisive commitment to the will of God.