Exceeding gifts from God are not blessings, they are duties. They do not always increase a man's happiness; they always increase his responsibilities.
—Charles Kingsley.

Make a rule and pray for help to keep it. Once a day spare room for a thought that will pursue a strong purpose. Help in some way the progress of a weary soul who cannot repay you.
—M. B. S.

There is no true potency, remember, but that of help; nor true ambition, but ambition to save.
—John Ruskin.

And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul: then shall thy light rise in darkness, and thine obscurity be as the noon day.
—Isaiah 58. 10.

Heavenly Father, when I think of how little I have given away my heart burns with shame, as I recall what thou hast given to me. May I from this day be more thoughtful of thy tender compassion by being less selfish with what I have. Amen.

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