Leaves of Life 
Daily Inspiration by Margaret Bird Steinmetz


Martin Van Buren, New York, eighth President
United States, born 1782.
Christina G. Rossetti born 1830.
Alice Brown born 1857.

    A cold wind stirs the blackthorn
      To burgeon and to blow,
    Besprinkling half-green hedges
      With flakes and sprays of snow.

    Through coldness and through keenness,
      Dear hearts take comfort so:
    Somewhere or other doubtless
      These make the blackthorn blow.
    --Christina G. Rossetti.

There are some men and women in whose company we are always at our best. All the best stops in our nature are drawn out by their intercourse, and we find a music in our souls never there before.
    --Henry Drummond.

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and good works.
    --Hebrews 10. 24.

My Father, I thank thee for life. Make me sensitive to the unseen influences that bring thy messages. May I be led where great riches may be found through small kindnesses, and where I may learn from the meek the beauty of earth. Amen.