Leaves of Life 
Daily Inspiration by Margaret Bird Steinmetz


Sir Roger L'Estrange died 1704.
Dr. William Cullen born 1712.
Colley Cibber died 1757.

    Lord, subdue our selfish will;
      Each to each our tempers suit,
    By thy modulating skill,
      Heart to heart, as lute to lute.
    --Charles Wesley.

    One of the last, slowly murmured sayings of Whittier, was this: "Give--my--love--to--the--world." And this is the world's supreme need to-day; more than our eloquence, or our knowledge, or our wealth, or all else besides, it needs our love. True, even love may sometimes err; but the cure for love's mistakes is just more love; we often blunder because we do not love enough. God help us all that, like Whittier, we may live and die, giving our love to the world.
    --George Jackson.

    Love never faileth.
    --1 Corinthians 13. 8.

Lord God, help me to see the beauty of the world, and through my duty may I find the love in the world. May I not spend my life in discontent, but may I remember that thou hast said, "The meek shall inherit the earth." Fill my heart with compassion, that I may love my fellow man as I love myself. Amen.