The Body You’ve Always Wanted [Part 1]


Are you ready for some good news?

If you’re in Christ, one day, God will raise up your mortal body and recreate your selfsame body into a new, glorious spiritual body that will never die.

Today’s Text: “Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven.” (1 Corinthians 15:49, ESV)

I was recently amused by an ironic juxtaposition of two highway billboards. On one side of I-40 westbound stood a sign advertising a medical procedure claiming to rid you of unwanted extra pounds. It read: “Freeze the fat.”  On the other side of the highway, within immediate view, was another billboard also promising a path to a slimmer body. The second billboard advertised an exercise gym using the words: “Burn the fat.”

It left me confused. Am I to freeze my fat or burn my fat? Or both.

When it comes to our earthly bodies, I’m sure we all have this in common: there’s something we’d all like to change. You might wish you were taller or thinner or both. You might wish you had more hair on your head or less hair in other places – or both. You might wish that you had a different shaped nose or chin – or both.  And, if for some wonderful reason, you are quite happy with your particular size and shape, I’m guessing that you have at least one little problem that you’d prefer not to have. If I don’t do my exercises, my back is susceptible to pain. I once hurt my back in the most ironic of ways – bending over with a dinner plate full of food in my hand! Yours might be the old football injury, the nagging arthritis, the faded eyesight or the shortness of breath that slows you down. 

Another thing we have in common – we’re all aging every day. As you age, there are unusual things that happen to your body. I feel like I’m experiencing some of these unusual things prematurely. I’m barely over fifty, yet I don’t hear high-pitched noises with my left ear. In fact, I don’t hear a lot of noises with my left ear, which can come in handy depending on who is calling you. I am particularly disappointed that at such a tender young age I am already losing the sensitivity in the facial nerves that alert you when you have little pieces of food or sauce on your face while eating. I don’t need to feel the food on my face though because my children are kind enough to point it out to me: “Hey Dad, can’t you feel that giant glob of artichoke dip on your chin?!”

For all those who have ever longed for a better body, a glorious day is coming. Because Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, you can be assured in Christ, that you will be raised from the dead. Paul says essentially, In the same way that your earthly body is like the body of Adam who was made from dust, your new body will be like the body of the second Adam – the risen Lord Jesus! All who are in Christ are going to have a resurrection body like Jesus. And that’s the Gospel!

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