Transforming Your Prayer Life-When God Is Speaking-Part 6             

April 9, 2015

You and I need to know when God is speaking. The way we can know when God is speaking is by spending time with Him, reading His Word’s every single day, letting His Word be our frame of reference, and obeying the immediate promptings of the Holy Spirit. You see, we live in a society that is continually appealing to our lower nature and causing us to want to fulfill the desires of the flesh, the pride of life, and the pride of the eyes, but, my friend, in the midst of all of this God is saying, “Listen! Do not let the things of this world distract you from hearing My voice. Walk in the light of My presence and keep your focus on Me.” All day long, 24/7, there is no reason for God not to be speaking to us as His beloved children. Every day and all through the day, make it a point to say, “Speak Lord, I am listening to Your voice and I want to hear what You have to say to me today.”

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