Jesus is standing before the Roman leader of his day and the question is, “Are you the King of the Jews?” It remains a key question today. Our culture often declares, “No, he isn’t. He’s the king of the Gentiles. He’s the king of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. He's the king of Texans who live in the Bible Belt, but not the King of the Jewish people.” The Jewish Scriptures themselves present the fact that the Messiah, when he comes, needs to be born in Bethlehem, a son of Abraham and of David, raised in a poor family in Galilee, do powerful miracles, be rejected by his own people, die as the sacrifice for all our sins, and then rise again. There is one man in history that has fulfilled all these predictions, and when he returns, it will be like a lightning bolt in the sky. No one will be able to ignore him. But today he is still knocking at the hearts door, asking gently to come in. The dividing line for all of us is, "Do we believe that Jesus, the King of the Jews, is our Savior and Lord."


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