Even in the NBA the joy is not in individual success but the thrill of fitting into a team and becoming one. Way back in the first century as Paul wrote to the Corinthians, who were into individual giftedness, he stressed that  fulfillment came from being part of the Body, the living dynamic family of believers. Here is where we find belonging and the unique part in life that each of us are to play. Think about all the different parts of your physical body. This is the analogy Paul uses to teach us the individual role we are to play, but not in isolation from others, but in the oneness of the Body of Christ. Every believer is part of the body. Every single one of us belongs.  We’re not all eyes, ears, or legs. Instead, we have a body composed of all these different parts, and this is how Jesus has made His Church. Jesus has given us special abilities and roles. We are all needed. Let’s live in the joy of playing our part on the Team today.


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