I hear dads say it all the time, “It’s not the quantity of time, it’s the quality of time.” All of us as fathers know that this is baloney. We all know that our kids need time, time when we actually are present body, soul, and spirit with them. Jesus didn’t make a quickie visit to planet earth, spend 10 minutes with the disciples, and say, “All right now, go and evangelize the world.” Jesus became flesh, became a little baby, and lived in a normal town in Nazareth. He grew up and then spent three and a half years living, sleeping, eating, traveling, and walking with his disciples. Why did Jesus, God’s Son, do that? Because that's what teaching and training is actually about. Dads, if we want to raise kids to be wise and skillful, there's no short cut. They need our presence and our time. They need to see Jesus actually transforming our lives if we want them to believe He can transform theirs.


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