From Cain murdering his younger brother in the first episode in the God's best seller after Eden, to Lamech in the line of Cain boasting about his prowess in murderous revenge, to the flood where murderous violence was the major reason giving for why God flooded the world, God hates murder with a passion. We need to do the same. Look at the 4d sonogram of a baby in the womb and then think about whether its right to choose to destroy that heartbeat. When our temper flares and we hurl out abusive speech, we need to face the facts. This is the beginning of murderous violence. What about all those who drink too much with their friends and then jump in their pickup? And the constant refrain of another mass murder angers God's heart. His children need to take the lead in helping to curb this violence. Jesus is still preaching, "Blessed are the peace makers!"


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