The "Tiger Mom" got a lot of criticism when she came out with a book on her parenting techniques as a Chinese mom. Maybe some of her discipline and toughness was closer to the time tested wisdom of Proverbs than some of the soft parenting styles that are often presented as the new, progressive way of raising kids. For example, if a mom makes a nutritious meal and her child flatly refuses to eat any of it, should the response be, "I'm so sorry. What would you like for supper?" and then cooking an alternative dinner? Deep inside we know it's wiser to say, "You don't have to eat what I prepared, but there will be no snacks later on." Some nights of slight hunger pains and our kids begin to get the message that it's much better to eat what's on the table.

The wise parents in Proverbs constantly help their children to make the connection between their teaching and real life. They don't yell and scream and then give in to their child's wishes. They consistently teach what is true, and follow through with concrete action, both rewarding good behavior and letting their child face consequences for the bad.

The "Tiger Mom's" daughters are all grown up. You might want to check on how they are doing and what they have to say about their mom.


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