What are we supposed to do as husbands in our marriages? A lot of folks get upset that the Apostle Paul tells wives that they need to submit to their husbands and respect them. This is politically incorrect in today's culture, but if the Apostle Paul was so out of touch when he advised wives, why should we listen when he gives husbands a far more difficult task. We are to love our wives and then model this love as Christ's love demonstrated by his death on the cross. Read Ephesians 5:22-33 again and observe that it doesn't say, “Husbands, lead your wives.” It says "love your wives like Christ loves his bride, the church." Paul understands that true leadership is demonstrated by loving others and not by using titles, position, or privilege to control others. In a culture where social media has ripped away the cover ups and revealed how badly men are behaving toward women, it's a special time for men who are intimately connected to Jesus to show others what it means for a man to love a woman, love her enough to even give his life for her.


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