Religious folks often claim that they have an inside track on how to be sure we're "in" with our Creator. For years Saul, a committed Jew, believed his strict obedience to Jewish Law guaranteed he was close to God. In fact, he was murdering other Jews who were following the teaching of Jesus, a Galilean Jew who had taught that obedience to the Law of Moses needed to get far deeper than external conformity to a religious tradition. Then Saul met the resurrected Jesus on the Damascus Road. The Messiah Himself confronted him and transformed his life. He realized that whether or not someone was circumcised was not the important issue. What counted was for all of us to admit that we disobey the Ten Commandments, especially the tenth that exposes our covetousness, and then to believe that Jesus' death takes the judgment we deserve. This is the Good News, and each of us needs to decide whether we will accept or reject Jesus' offer of forgiveness and a new life.


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