It's a pervasive idea. Marriage is two individuals that find fulfillment in one another and the purpose of the relationship is to meet each other’s needs for self-fulfillment and companionship. This all works out great until one party decides that the relationship is no longer helping their fulfillment and their own personal happiness. For example, if you're moving into your forties, the kids are grown, and you meet someone else who makes you feel more alive and fulfilled, why not jettison the old marriage and embark on an exciting new journey? The passion to meet our own identity needs will not be strong enough to hold the original marriage together and many in our society will applaud the need to change partners. But deep inside do we actually believe moving from one marriage partner to the next is truly good for us, our children, and future grand children? God grounded the marriage relationships in something far stronger than personal fulfillment. In fact he says that we need to be willing to sacrifice ourselves because we love another and make a holy vow before him, a covenant vow that we will keep our promise till death do us part. "Covenant"--it's a special word to God. His Word is divided into the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Maybe it’s time for "covenant" to mean something again in our marriages.


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