Ladies, I want you to understand that in God’s family, you are not second rate. If you don't think your Creator is excited about your womanhood, then check out Proverbs 31. He's bursting with pride over your nobility, strength, skill, competence, business sense, and devotion to your family. Husbands, one of our major jobs in life is to praise our wives. Daily we need to remind them about the incredible gifts God has given to them. If you have women at work that you are responsible for, your job as a believer is to build their confidence and help them develop their competence. The book of Proverbs says that it is hard to find the kind of woman it is talking about in chapter 31. Maybe we would find a lot more if we start when they are little girls giving them a vision of their Heavenly Father's love for them as a woman, and His plan. Proverbs is right. Their price is far above rubies.


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