One of the reasons why the big bosses in your business give a great big Christmas party is that they need you the rest of the year to work hard and even we tend to stroke our friends at Christmas. What I want you to know about the living Savior is that the living Jesus didn’t need to stroke anybody. He doesn’t need any of us. He didn’t need to meet just the rich, famous, and powerful because when He grew up, He wasn’t going to have any need of them. He is all powerful and the only reason the Savior came into the world is not because He needed us, but we needed Him. It is all of grace. The very first invitations were not sent out to some big powerful kings. They weren’t sent out to some powerful business leaders. They weren’t sent out to religious leaders with long flowing robes. Instead, He just sent out a glorious, heavenly, angelic invitation to shepherds, to working people that had drawn the night shift.


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